Alan’s Fantasy Released

Written by on April 27, 2022

Alan’s Fantasy Released


Last year, Signum Records released the Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano & Orchestra, an orchestral album where each track was based on an original song from the planned stage show, Alan’s Fantasy, created by Susan Lim & Christina Teez Tan. To celebrate the one year anniversary of that recording, Signum Records is now releasing those original show songs Alan’s Fantasy on 29th April.

Alan’s Fantasy is themed on a future companionship between the human and the inanimate, inspired by the confluence of two forces in society: longevity and loneliness on the one hand, and disruptive new technologies on the other.

The trio of composers from three continents have come together to produce an eclectic blend of contrasting yet complementary moods, which unfold the musical journey of a soul (Alan), from wild (animate) to captive (inanimate) and life to non-life (synthetic), ultimately to becoming quantum-entangled with its human companion.  It’s creators hope that the music of ALAN may inspire a more positive view to the coming age of social robots, embodied AI systems, and soul machines as companions of the future.



Vocals – Matthieu Eymand

Guitar  – Jerome Buigues

Bass – Frederic Riviere

Drums – Michele Drees

Keyboard – Manu Martin

Drums – Jean-Luc Veran

Percussion – Afla Sackey

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