It Happened in Key West is Released

Written by on July 9, 2022

It Happened in Key West, A New Romantic Musical Comedy is Released

The highly anticipated recording of the West End hit It Happened in Key West has received an Original Cast Recording available digitally.

It Happened in Key West features Book, Music, and Lyrics By Broadway Composer, Jill Santoriello, Book and Additional Lyrics by Jason Huza, and Book/Original Concept by Jeremiah James. The album was recorded live on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018.

About It Happened in Key West: Based on true events that rocked Key West in the 1930s, the story concerns Carl Von Cosel, the real-life hero in this romantic comedy. After nearly four decades of searching for the dream girl of his boyhood visions, Carl finds his beloved Elena on the tiny island, only to lose the young beauty to the fatal disease of tuberculosis. But for Carl, the eternal optimist, death is only the beginning. Haunted by Elena’s spirit (and seemingly at her request), Carl takes her body from the graveyard and brings her home – where they live undetected for seven years.


The cast of It Happened in Key West is led by Broadway’s Wade McCollum, West End performers: Alyssa Martyn, Val Adams, Miguel Angel, Alexander Barria, Mary-Jean Caldwell, Guido Garcia Lueches, Sophia Lewis, Hannah McIver, Ross McLaren, Johan Munir, Nuno Queimado, Andrea Golinucci, and Siwan Henderson. The production and recording feature Music Director and Keys 1, Andrew Hopkins, Keys 2 / Assistant Music Director –Tom Turner, Double Bass / Electric Bass –Jack Cherry, Flute / Clarinet / Sax –Kristal Hamson, Cello –Miriam Wakeling, and Drums / Percussion –Oliver Pooley.

The album is produced by Jill Santoriello, Jeremiah James, & Rashad Chambers. The album is co-produced by Cameron Smith with engineering by Oscar Cotran & Hope Brennan. The recording has been mixed and mastered by Tom Gioia at Visionary Music Group with orchestrations by Robert Felstein. The original recording was done live at The Charing Cross Theatre.

Song List:
1. OVERTURE / RADIO NEWS (Val Adams, Mary Jean Caldwell, Sophia Lewis, Hannah McIver, Jeremiah James)
2. PROLOGUE / WRECKED IN THE KEYS (Wade McCollum, Ensemble)
3. ELENA (Wade McCollum, Alyssa Martyn, Guido Garcia Lueches)
4. WHAT MORE COULD I WISH FOR? (Alyssa Martyn)
5. DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING (Wade McCollum, Alyssa Martyn, Guido Garcia Lueches, Mary-Jean Caldwell, Alexander Barria, Sophia Lewis, Hannah McIver)
6. BLACK WEDDING (Guido Garcia Lueches, Miguel Angel, Ross McLaren)
7. AT THE END OF THE WORLD (Wade McCollum, Alyssa Martyn)
8. BLACK WEDDING 2 (Guido Garcia Lueches, Ross McLaren, Miguel Angel)
9. AT THE END OF THE WORLD –REPRISE (Alyssa Martyn, Wade McCollum, Ensemble)
10. BLACK WEDDING 3 (Wade McCollum, Alyssa Martyn, Guido Garcia Lueches, Miguel Angel, Ross McLaren, Ensemble)
11. UNDYING LOVE (Wade McCollum)
12. EVERYTHING’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD (Wade McCollum, Alyssa Martyn, Sophia Lewis, Hannah McIver, Johan Munir, Miguel Angel, Ensemble)
13. I FEEL LOVED (Alyssa Martyn)
14. ELENA FROM TOWN (Ensemble)
16. UNDYING LOVE–REPRISE (Alyssa Martyn, Wade McCollum)
17. FINALE: AT THE END OF THE WORLD -REPRISE (Alyssa Martyn, Ross McLaren, Johan Munir, Wade McCollum)

The album is available now. 


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