Review – Little Shop of Horrors

Written by on May 24, 2024

Review – Little Shop of Horrors


19-05-24 Westside Theatre, NYC by Jamie Griffiths

In the heart of Broadway’s bustling theatre district, a revival of Little Shop of Horrors emerges as a spectacular showcase of talent, innovation, and pure theatrical magic. Led by a stellar cast, including a career defining turn by Jinkx Monsoon, Corbin Bleu and James Carpinello, this production not only breathes new life into a beloved classic but also sets a new standard for future productions.



Corbin Bleu as Seymour and Jinkx Monsoon as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. © Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

Jinkx Monsoon, in a role that transcends expectations, adds a whole new dimension to her skill set as Audrey. Jinkx showcases the breadth of her talent and versatility as an award-winning drag queen. Renowned for her electrifying performances on stage and screen, Monsoon brings a new dimension to the character of Audrey, infusing her with depth and vulnerability that is both mesmerizing and unforgettable. You never lose sight of the seriousness of the character, dealing with an abusive relationship with denial and fear. Jinkx on her impressive vocal range, which fans (such as myself) have adored in her studio albums, Monsoon delivers each musical number with beauty and emotional resonance that i saw touch the audience time after time – especially Somewhere That’s Green which she made her own. It is her ability to add layers of characterization that truly sets her performance apart, drawing on the same depth and comedy that she brought to her portrayal of Mama Morton in Chicago. Through subtle gestures and nuanced expressions, Monsoon breathes life into Audrey, revealing the character’s naive sincerity and depth that is captivating. In Monsoon’s hands, Audrey becomes more than just a character – she becomes a living, breathing embodiment of resilience and optimism, which is ultimately dashed with some fabulously dark plot twists.

Corbin Bleu’s portrayal of Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors is sensational, showcasing his impressive musical credentials. Known for his electrifying performances on stage and screen, Bleu brings a wealth of experience and talent to the role, captivating audiences with his powerhouse vocals and undeniable charisma. With a background rooted in musical theater, including his acclaimed performance in the Broadway production of In the Heights, Bleu effortlessly commands the stage, delivering each musical number with precision and passion. His rendition of “Suddenly Seymour” is a show-stopping moment, a testament to his incredible vocal range and dynamic stage presence. Bleu’s performance elevates the character of Seymour to new heights, infusing the role with depth, emotion, and an infectious energy that resonates long after the final curtain call.

Jinkx Monsoon as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. © Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

The Urchins, portrayed by a talented ensemble cast, transport audiences back to the soulful girl groups of the 1960s with their electrifying performances. Their harmonies are pitch-perfect, their choreography dynamic, and their presence on stage adds depth and dimension to the production.

As Audrey’s abusive boyfriend and delightfully deranged dentist, James Carpinello proves himself as a versatile actor, seamlessly transitioning between this and other minor roles. His portrayal is both comedic and menacing, adding a dynamic energy to the production that never distracts from the plot or our leads.

Aaron Arnell Harrington brings soul and charisma to the role of Audrey II, infusing the character with a larger-than-life presence that commands the stage. His powerful vocals and magnetic performance elevate Audrey II, skillfully performed in a lifelike and often macabre way.

James Carpinello and Corbin Bleu in Little Shop of Horrors. © Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

One of the things that sets this production apart is its impeccable staging and masterful use of physical comedy, which is incredibly faithful to the original production. From the jaw-dropping design of Audrey II to the seamless transitions between scenes, every aspect of the production is executed with precision and flair. The result is a visually stunning spectacle that dazzles the senses and leaves a lasting impression on all who witness it.

In the end, Little Shop of Horrors on Broadway is more than just a revival – it’s a triumph of talent, creativity, and innovation. With its stellar cast, soulful performances, and impressive staging, this production is a testament to the enduring power of theater to inspire, entertain, and uplift.

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