Rob McLoughlin Daniel Bravo & Jessica Pardoe sing ‘When I Look In The Mirror’  Soho Dreams Releases EP 23-02-24 Daniel Bravo, currently wowing audiences as Sebastien Valmont in ‘Cruel Intentions’ at The Other Palace in London has united with Jessica Pardoe to sing ‘When I Look In The Mirror’ part of a new six song EP […] New Music Released From Soho Dreams 08-02-24 A second song and video have been released from new upcoming British musical Soho Dreams: ‘Child’ has been released by Bucks Music on SPOTIFY, Apple Music and streamers worldwide. More tracks will be released later this month, and include vocals from Daniel Bravo (Sebastian Valmont in Cruel […]

New Show Announced: Soho Dreams 26-01-24 1980s Soho is a place where you can be anyone or anything at anytime -a catalyst for many freedoms of today – and a place where secrets stay secret. The Night Owls on Greek Street is a venue where American stars drop in along with famous names from from […]

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